File unerase and data recovery software
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Recover Files is a small, fast, useful, practical and powerful. It has a clean, simple interface.

The interface Recover Files is geared up with is very nice and easy to handle. In the right panel, there is the Drives tree. The user can change the view to file types (MP3, PDF, RTF, RAR, ZIP, XML, PNG, etc.) or to folders. In the left, there will be displayed all the files Recover Files was able to detect. For not hyping yourself up, the software will inform you of the state of the files it has detected. This way, you will know that if the status reads "Very Good" then there still is a chance of recovering that file. "Overwritten" status means that the respective file is either corrupted or cannot be recovered. Additional information tell you about the size of the file, format, path, date of its creation and modification. The software is capable of recovering entire folders and preserve the structure, this way you can retrieve the files in the exact order they were stored (in the case of a directory with sub-folders). The filter Recover Files features allows the users to perform a search for certain files instead of scanning the entire volume. The effects of this type of scan are faster search and recovery of the file (provided the file has not been overwritten). The options available in the Filter box include providing the application with the entire or part of the name of the file you want to recover, as well as the modification date interval and the size range. Once you set the filter, the scan will take into consideration only these settings and look for your file.