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Help - Quick Start Guide

Following is a Quick Start Guide to using Recover Files. For more detailed information see the section in this help file titles "Working with Recover Files".

Install Recover Files or Run the Program from Floppy,CD,USB etc.

The latest version of Recover Files is available for download from Download Page. If possible, avoid installing Recover Files to the drive from which you are trying to recover deleted files. Form more information on installing Recover Files, click here.

Step 1 - Select the Drive To Search

When you run Recover Files a main screen will be opened and at the left you can find drive selection panel.

This panel performs a scan to identify the devices (hard drives, digital camera, USB drive etc) that are connected to your computer. Select the device you wish to search by using your mouse to place a tick in the box next to the device name.

Drive Panel - Selecting the device to search
Recover Files Selecting the device to search

Step 2 - Running the Search

When the "Analyze" button is pressed the search is commenced.

Analyze Button
Recover Files Running the Search

Once the search is started the progress bar will display the number of files found and proportion of search remaining.

Running the Search
Recover Files Running the Search

Step 3 - Managing the Results

The result screen consists of four windows.

- Types and Folders windows (left): This window shows you the number of deleted files that have been found (e.g. 2092 JPEG photos have been found in the screen shot below). You can also change to "Folders" and see in a folder structure the files that have been found.
- Files window (top right): When a file type is selected in the left hand windows, the files found (in the case of the screen capture, the 15 Bitmap) are displayed in the Files window. Sort the files in this window by clicking on the column headings.
- Filter window (bottom right).

Files found are grouped by file type in the left hand column (any files that are found that do not belong to a known file type are placed in the "Other Files" folder). Click on the file type in the left and column to display the files found for that type in the right hand column.

The Results Screen
Recover Files Running the Search

Step 4 - Saving Recovered Files

Select files to be saved in the Files window by placing a tick next to the file name. Also it is possible to select multiple files by using a combination of mouse clicks whilst holding down the SHIFT key.
To save selected files click the "Undelete" button.

Undelete Button
Recover Files Undelete Button

New Undelete Window will be opened.

Undelete window
Recover Files Undelete Window

Recovered files will be located in the folder specified by "Undelete selected file(s) to:" value.