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Help - Saving Recovered Files

When Recover Files saves a restored file it reads its content and then writes it to a new file with the same name. It is recommended that you save the files that you are recovering to another disk because of the risk of overwriting other files that you may be trying to recover with the newly recovered one that you are saving. It would be best not to save the retrieved files back to the same hard drive until after completing all attempts to retrieve any lost files. This will minimize the chance of corrupting any remaining lost files.

How do I select Files to be Saved?

- To select a file to be saved, in the Files window place a tick in the box next to the file name. - To select all files, right click on Files window and select "Select All" menu item. All files contained within Files window will then be ticked;

Select All Menu Item
Recover Files Select All Menu Item

- To select groups of files use your mouse with the SHIFT key holds down.
- Press SPACE BAR key to turn the selection tick on or off.

To save selected files click the "Undelete" button.

Undelete Button
Recover Files Undelete Button

New Undelete Window will be opened.

Undelete window
Recover Files Undelete Window

Recovered files will be located in the folder specified by "Undelete selected file(s) to:" value.

To keep folders where recovered files were found tick "Keep folder structure".

Press "Ok" button.