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Help - Managing the Results

The results screen consists of four windows.

Types window (left): This window shows you the number of deleted files that have been found (e.g. 15 Bitmap have been found in the screenshot below).

The Results Screen
Recover Files Running the Search

You can also change to "Folders" and see in a folder structure the files that have been found.
Folders window (top left) shows the folder structure of files that have been recovered. In some situations a Folder Name is destroyed, in which case the name will be given a name in the format "Deleted XXXXX", as shown below (note that sub folders will retain their original name):

Folders window
Recover Files Running the Search

Files window (top right): When a Types is selected in the left hand windows, the files found (in the case of the screen capture, the 15 Bitmap) are displayed in the Files window. Sort the files in this window by clicking on the column headings.
To list all files found in the File Window, go back to the Type window or Folder window at left and click on "My Computer". All files will then be displayed and can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. The fastest way to preview files in this list is to use the arrow keys to scroll down the file listing.

Filter Window.

Files found are grouped by file type in the left hand column (any files that are found that do not belong to a known file type are placed in the "Other Files" folder). Click on the file type in the left and column to display the files found for that type in the right hand column.

Filtering Search Results

The filter option is accessed by pressing the "Set Filter" button on the Filter window.

Filter Button
Recover Files Running the Search

A filter of the search results can be conducted either whilst the search is in progress, or at the completion of the search. Once filter is specified "clear" button will be avaible to turn the filter off.

A complex filter can be created by specifying a search for file name, date and size attributes.

Filter window
Recover Files Filter window