File unerase and data recovery software
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1. Why do files with "Very Good" Status appear unreadable after recovery and why can't I use them?

Status shows the minimum proven damage of a file. The actual file condition may be worse, but there's no technical way to detect it.

2. Can Recover Files recover files from a CD?

Recover Files will recognize a limited number of CD file formats. If you get a message stating "Drive Error" or drive is not listed then it will not work. You need to search the Internet for CD recovery software.

3. What should I do immediately after accidental erasure to ensure that I can recover those files?

The most important thing is to prevent the erased file from being overwritten by another file. To do so, avoid any use of the disk where the file was erased, until after the erased file is recovered. Also, remember that Recover Files should not be installed to this disk. Install it to a floppy disk if no other disk is available.

4. Can I do something in advance to increase my chances of file recovery?

Yes, keep your disk in good shape by regularly defragmenting it.

5. Why is recovery to the same disk not recommended?

Recovery to the same disk may overwrite the very segments of the disk that you're trying to recover files from. That will not leave you another recovery chance.